Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Saint Vitus - V (1989)

1.Living Backwards
2.I Bleed Black
3.When Emotion Dies
4.Patra (Petra)
5.Ice Monkey
6.Jack Frost
7.Angry Man
8.Mind Food

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead (LP 1991)

2.Dreaming With The Dead
3.Anti God
4.Glorious Depravity
5.Beyond Humanity
6.Feeling Pleasure Through Pain
7.Through The Skin To The Soul
8.Rift Of Hate
9.Deeper Demons
10.Sickness Of Will
11.Chugging Pus
12.Seduction Of The Innocent

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Ripping Corpse - Demos (1989+1990)

01.1989 demo-rift of hate
02.1989 demo- exhumation day
03.1989 demo-anti god
04.1989 demo-deeper demons
05.1989 demo- sado-masochists from the grave
06.1989 demo-stone garden
07.1990 demo- glorious depravity
08.1990 demo- sweetness
09.1990 demo- seduction of the innocent

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Ripping Corpse - 3 track promo (1992)

1.Morbid Fascination
2.The Hate Eternal
3.Last & Only Son

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Ripping Corpse - Splattered Remains (Demo1988)

1.Rift Of Hate
2.Exhumation Day
3.Anti God
4.Deeper Demons
5.Sado-Masochists From The Grave
6.Stone Garden

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Ripping Corpse - Glorious Depravity (demo 1990)

1.Glorious Depravity
2.Seduction of the Innocent

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Ripping Corpse - Death Warmed Over (demo 1987)

1.Corpse Attacks
2.Dreaming With The Dead
3.Slave To Blood
4.The Unblessed

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Pro-Pain - The Truth Hurts (1994)

1.Make War (Not Love)
2.Bad Blood
3.The Truth Hurts
4.Put The Lights Out
6.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
7.One Man Army
8.Down In The Dumps
9.The Beast Is Back
10.Switchblade Knife

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Friday, 9 October 2009

Pro Pain - Prophets Of Doom (2005)

3.Hate Marches On
4.One World Ain't Enough
5.Getting Over
6.Operation Blood For Oil
8.Death Toll Rises
9.The Prisoner
10.Days Of Shame

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Piledriver - Metal Inquisition (1985) - Stay Ugly (1986)

album: "Metal Inquistion" (1985)

1.Metal Inquisition
2.Sex With Satan
3.Sodomize The Dead
4.Witch Hunt
5.Pile Driver
6.Human Sacrifice
7.Alien Rape

album: "Stay Ugly" (1986)

1.The Incubus
2.Metal Death Racer
3.The Fire God
5.The Warning
6.The Lord Of Abominations
7.Flowers Of Evil
8.The Executioner

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Paradox - Product Of Imagination (1987)

1.Opening Theme
3.Death, Screaming and Pain
4.Product of Imagination
5.Continuation of Invasion
7.Kill That Beast
8.Pray to the Godz of Wrath
9.Beyond Space
10.Wotan II
11.Paradox - (live)
12.Death, Screaming and Pain - (live)
13.Execution - (live)
14.Pray to the Godz of Wrath - (live)

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Paradox - Heresy (1987)

2.Search For Perfection
4.Crusaders Revenge
5.The Burning
6.Massacre Of The Cathars
8.700 Years On
9.Castle In The Wind
10.The Burning
11.Massacre Of The Cathars

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Paradox - Collision Course (2000)

1.Decade of Sorrow
2.Collision Course
3.Rearrange the Past
4.Path of Denial
6.Blamed For Nothing
7.Prostitution of Society
8.Shattered Illusions
11.Dynamite (Bonus Track)

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Paradise Lost - Made in Hell (Live 1991) - bootleg - (7" EP 1991)

Paradise Lost - As I fly Live - bootleg - (04/07/1992)

Paradise Lost - The past and the present (Live in Bradfort U.K. 29/10/1988)

Paradise Lost - Permanent Solution

Paradise Lost - One Second (1997)

1.One Second
2.Say Just Words
5.Soul Courageous
6.Another Day
7.The Sufferer
8.This Cold Life
9.Blood Of Another
12.Take Me Down
13.I Despair

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Paradise Lost - Mouth (2001)

1.Mouth (Album Version)
4.Mouth (Remix)

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Paradise Lost - Morbid Devourment - Unreleased live track - shitty quality 05-1989)

Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise (1990)

2.Deadly Inner Sense
3.Paradise Lost
4.Our Saviors
5.Rotting Misery
6.Frozen Illusion
7.Breeding Fear
8.Lost Paradise
9.Internal Torment II

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Paradise Lost - Forever After (2005 SINGLE)

1.Forever After
2.Through The Silence
3.Sanctimonious You
4.Let Me Drown
5.A Side You'll Never Know

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Pantera - Reinventing the steel (2000)

2.Goddamn Electric
3.Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
4.You've Got To Belong To It
5.Revolution Is My Name
6.Death Rattle
7.We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time
9.It Makes Them Disappear
10.I'll Cast A Shadow

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Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (1992)

1.Mouth For War
2.A New Level
4.Fucking Hostile
5.This Love
7.No Good (Attack The Radical)
8.Live In A Hole
9.Regular People (Conceit)
10.By Demons Be Driven

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Pantera - Projects in the Jungle (1984)

1.All Over Tonight
2.Out for Blood
3.Blue Light Turnin' Red
4.Like Fire
5.In Over My Head
6.Projects in the Jungle
7.Heavy Metal Rules
8.Only a Heartbeat Away
10.Takin' My Life

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Pantera - Power Metal (1988)

1.Rock The World
2.Power Metal
3.We'll Meet Again
4.Over And Out
5.Proud To Be Loud
6.Down Below
7.Death Trap
8.Hard Ride

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